Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance sounds like something meant to fleece kiasee people of their hard-earned cash. Many of us pay for travel insurance before we get on that plane. In addition, if you have a medical insurance policy here in Singapore, you might recall your agent having told you something about being able to make claims for […]

Special insurance for post-operative complications

 Medical tourism patients will soon be able to avail of special insurance packages to cover any post-operative complications. This would also allow the patient to avail of the visa to revisit Dubai for redressal of this health issue. This was disclosed by Dr Layla Al Marzouqi, Acting head Dubai Health Authority's Medical Regulation Department and […]

Aussie Travel Cover has hundreds of thousands of records stolen in hacking, policy holders not informed

One of the country's largest travel insurance companies opted not to tell customers about a hacking that saw potentially hundreds of thousands of Australians' personal information stolen and parts of its customer database posted online. TRAVEL INSURANCE – Yahoo News Search Results

Obamacare passes one-year anniversary but fresh US Supreme Court challenge looms

If the Australian Government warns its citizens not to travel to the United States without private health insurance, imagine what it is like for those who live there without it. TRAVEL INSURANCE – Yahoo News Search Results

Why travel insurance could be vital

Countries where Britons are most likely to run into problems are also high up the list of destinations for which they fail to take out travel insurance, according to a survey. TRAVEL INSURANCE – Yahoo News Search Results

IAG to offer travel insurance through Cover-More

IAG in New Zealand has entered into a partnership with leading specialist travel insurance provider Cover-More to provide travel insurance and travel assistance services for IAG brands, including AMI Insurance, State Insurance and NZI. TRAVEL INSURANCE – Yahoo News Search Results

Travel insurance: Know what you're buying to avoid a vacation disaster

Robin Ingle knows a thing or two about travel insurance — his parents opened their family travel insurance business in 1946 — and he says travellers need to be very cautious about the type of coverage they're buying before they head out of the country. TRAVEL INSURANCE – Yahoo News Search Results

Have you read the fine print? (video)

We're rapidly approaching the holidays, and you may be feeling pretty secure because you've got travel insurance. But having a drink while you're on holiday can be a get out clause for the insurance companies, leaving you with huge bills to pay. TRAVEL INSURANCE – Yahoo News Search Results

Horror accident reveals hidden traps of travel insurance

Having a drink while you're on holiday can be a 'get out' clause for a travel insurance company, 7News reveals. TRAVEL INSURANCE – Yahoo News Search Results

Cape Breton couple lose home insurance while working in Alberta

A Cape Breton couple who travel to Alberta for work say they've unfairly lost the insurance coverage on their Glace Bay home and want other out-of-province workers to know it could happen to them. TRAVEL INSURANCE – Yahoo News Search Results



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